Eligio Coppa & Filomena Vitiello

Eligio Coppa
Eligio Coppa

born in  1892   Ponza,Italy ++ died in 1970  in Richwood, WV (the son of Domenico Coppa and Filomena Di Meglio) (married to Filomena Vitiello born in 1897 Ponza, Italy ++ died in 1981

Filomena Vitiello
Filomena Vitiello

                                                      HOW I CAME TO AMERICA
                                                                By Eligio Coppa
I left Naples for New York the 15th of February 1909.  The journey took 24 days.  The fare for the trip was 180 italian lire.I came from the Island of Ponza, from the Coppa family originally from Ischia, where they established their families.In 1914  I lived in Richwood, West Virginia, I received a letter from the Italian consulate saying to return to Italy or report to the United States army, because Italy and the United States were allied , I decided to return to Italy – because I had my fiancé Filomena Vitiello there.I got to Italy and got married August 3, 1914.After  3 weeks I was drafted into the  Italian army.,I am speaking about World War I.I was classified as a “mariner” and I was stationed on war ships, after 3 months of training  , at the same time I was an interpreter when we were together with the other ships from the United State.

 Their Children

Mario Coppa
Mario Pompeo Coppa

born in Ponza,Italy February  3  1918  (married  Maria Cuomo  ,born in Creighton Mines, Ontario , Canada ) he  was the twin  brother of Aniello Coppa
Their children :

Maria Cuomo

Joann_Coppa    Scott_Anderson
Joann Carol Coppa
( married to
Scott Anderson )

Their children :
Stephanie_Anderson Stephanie Anderson
Shelby_Anderson Shelby Anderson
Shannon Andeson

David  Allan Coppa  
( married to Debbie Leighty )

Danald  Cary Coppa ( married to Susan McDonald )

Jane Elizabeth Ann Coppa  ( Married to Richard Elzby )

Dennis Andrew Coppa  ( married to Marie Priore )

Daniel Joseph Coppa  ( married to Susan Sharp )

Silverio Coppa

born in Ponza,Italy  on August 3 1920 ++ died on April 19 1975 ( married to Nancy Conte , born on August 14 1921 ++ died on January  23 2003 ) 
Their Children :

Nancy Conte
Nancy Conte

Eligio Silvester Coppa Jr

Tony Coppa
Tony  Coppa Jr 
( married to Terry  Brodesser )

Susan Coppa

Rosemarie Coppa
Rosemarie Coppa
(married to Auggie Whelan )

Nancy Ann Coppa

Giuseppe (Joseph)Coppa

born in 1931 Richwood West Virginia  ++ ,died in 1980 (married to Audrey Biggs ,the doughter of Albert Ray Biggs and Madeline E. Workman)
 Their Children :
Joetta Coppa
Alan Coppa
Lawrence Coppa
David Coppa
Janna Coppa


Jeffery  Joe  Coppa
(first marriage to Tammy Hoherz)

Their Child :
Gwendolyn Coppa
Gwendolyn Marietta Coppa and Bailey Ashlynn

Jeffery_Coppa   Gobin_Fingh.
Jeffery  Joe  Coppa
(second marriage to Gobin Fingh)

Their Children :
Michael Antonio Coppa
Nicholas Ryan Coppa

Mary  Coppa

born in  Richwood West Virginia   (married to Anthony Spenia ,born April 5 1928 in Shinnston, WV, died January 13 2016 , Summerville WV, the son of John Spenia and Virginia DeBartolo)
Their Children :

Anthony Richard Spenia Jr ( married to Cristina ..............)
Lisa Ann Spenia
John David Spenia
Mary Susan Spenia

Anthony Spenia

Pietro (Peter)Eligio Coppa

born in  Richwood West Virginia   ( married  (First wife) to  Judy Vanze)
Their Children

Judy Vanze

Catherine Coppa   

Richard Coppa    ( married to Arlene Allen

Their Children :
Timothy (Tim) Coppa
Richard Coppa
Nicolas Coppa

(married (Second wife) to Sandy Korpeta )

Sandy Korpeta

Domenico Coppa

born in  Richwood West Virginia  USA , first( married to Jenny .........), second (married to Maggie.........)
Their Children :
John Coppa
Bruce_CoppaBruce Coppa
Shelia Coppa  ( married to John Taylor )
Elizabeth Coppa ( married to Jeff Atkinson )


Aniello Coppa

was a twin brother of Mario Coppa ,he passed away as an infant.

Discendenti di Fabrizio Coppa e Lucia Mazzella
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