Giuseppe Scotti & Rosalia Scotti

Giuseppe Scotti

Giuseppe Scotti was born March 21, 1900 in Ponza, Italy, and died March 03, 1942 in Bronx , New York.
(son of Silverio Scotti and Assunta D'Atri  )  (married to
Rosalia Scotti ,was born 1905 in Italy, and died July 09, 1964 in Bronx , New York).

Rosalia Scotti

Silverio_Scotti Silverio Scotti ,son of Christofaro Scotti and Rosa D'Atri  was born   December 24, 1864 ++   February 05, 1950

 Assunta_D'AtrAssunta D'Atri ,daughter of Francesco D'Atri and Maria Conte  born on  August 04, 1870 ++ died on November 14, 1957

Figli :

Assunta (Sue) Scotti

Assunta (Susie)Scotti born in  Ponza Italy  on  July  2  1927  + died on January  25 2013 ,  married to Joseph Mazzella born in  Ponza Italy il 28 Octomber 1918 + died on December 12 2009 , the son of Angelo Mazzella and Maria Mazzella .
 Their Children :

Joseph Mazzella

Angelo_Mazzella   Yvonne_Raven
Angelo Mazzella
.( married to Yvonne Raven )

 Their Children :

Angelo Mazzella Jr   Dannielle_Marceneou
Angelo Jr. Mazzella
, New Rochelle, New York.,(Married to Danielle Margenau )

 Their Children :

A J  (Angelo Joseph)

Chloe Elizabeth Mazzella

Sophie Ryann Mazzella

Kelly_Mazzella   James_Gordon_Milne
Kelly Mazzella  
(Married James Gordon Milne )

 Their Children :

Madison Kate Milne

Pipir Lily Milne

Alexandra Grace Milne , born in New York

Brooke Mazzella,
( married to John Mueller)

 Their Children :
Harrison James Mueller
Hudson Alexander Mueller
Camden Angelo Mueller

Joseph Angelo Jr. Mazzella,

(He married (1)
Camille Lucca)
(He married (2)
Maria Carbone)

 Their Children  with Camille
Joseph III Mazzella
Johnathon Mazzella

Gregory Phillip Mazzella
, (married to Rita Corbo )

 Their Children :

Gregory Jr. Mazzella ,
(married to Mary Pause )

Their Children :
Julianne Eve Mazzella

Michael Mazzella
,(married to Kelli Rothnberger )

Rita_Mazzella  Chris_Roberto
Rita Mazzella
 (married to Christopher Roberto )

 Their Children :

Ashley Marie Roberto

Jillian Rose Roberto

Rita Scotti
Rita Scotti

born  on August 11, 1932, Wanaque, New Jersey.(married to Pietro Conte  born on  August 10, 1920 in Ponza , Italy ,the son of Giuseppe Conte and Assunta Conte )
Their Children :

Pietro _Conte
Pietro Conte

Joseph_Cponte   Mary_Matta
Joseph Conte
,  .(married to Mary Matta )

Their Children :

Jennifer Lynn Conte (married  to Kyle Reed)

Their Children :
Isabella Grace Reed
Sofia Rose Reed

Christina Conte ( married to Chad Lebrun )

Their Children :
Alivia Ann Lebrun
Kaylee Taylor Lebrun
Drew Joseph Lebrun

Anthony Conte  Child with Emily Hegedus

Their Child
Gino Joseph Conte

Silverio_Conte   Georgiana Knapp
Silverio Conte
(# 1 married to Georgiana Knapp )
( #2 married to
Tammy Williamson

Their Children :
Peter Joseph Conte

Frederick Conte,
( #1 Wife
JaynieTerrasi Divorced)
(#2 Wife
Shelly(Michelle Russell)
(#3 Wife
Tina Wilson(Divorced)
(#4 unmarried
Lisa Hyden

 A Child with Shelly Michelle Russell
Alexis Maria Conte,

Suzette Conte, (married to Charles  Raymo)

Their Children :

Alyssa Marie Raymo ( married to Stephen Hintz )

Breonna Raymo,

Mary Lynn Conte,( married to Jeff Read.)

Their Children :

Nicholas Anthony Read

Alexander Scott Read

Andrew Phillis Read

Mary Conte
Maria (Mary) Scotti

born on June  1  1931, Bronx , New York, d. May 18, 1985, Bronx , New York  (married to Vincenzo (Vinny) Conte The Son of Andrew Conte )
Their Children :

Vincenzo(Vinny) Conte
Vincenzo (Vinny) Conte

Phillis_Conte   Anthony Jerome (Tony) Gonch
Phyllis Conte
(married to Tony Gonch )

Their Children

Anton Gonch (married
first time to Jennifer............)Divorced

Children with Jennifer
Alyssa Gonch
Alex Gonch
Child with Dawn
Patrick Gonch ( is Mother is (Dawn.........)

Matthew Gonch (married to Cara...........)

Their Children
Gavin Ganch
Corey Gonch

Mary Francis Gonch

Brenda Marie Gonch

Vincent Conte,
(married to Joann Cordaro )

Their Children

Erica Conte ( married to Mattew Spoto)

Their Child
Alexandra Spoto

Laura Conte.

rosalinda conte
Rosalinda Conte
(married to Lionel Sanmaria )

Their Children

Deanna Sanmaria (married  to Joseph Gillan)

Their Child
Eleanor Rose Gillen

Philip Sanmaria.

Vincent Sanmaria.

Chris Conte
Christopher Conte
, ( married  to Patricia Langbein )

Cristoforo (Chris) Scotti

born on May 17, 1938, Bronx, New york (married to Connie Nassetta)
Their Children

Connie Nassetta

Joseph Scotti, .(married to Ann Marie Meehan )

Their Children
 Grace Marie Scotti,

Rosalie Scotti,
(married to William McDonnell )

Their Children
Brittany Rose McDonnell,  
Dylan Christopher McDonnell,  

Christopher Joseph Jr. Scotti,
(married to Christine Komjati )

Their Children
Jade Scotti,

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